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Virtual Consultations

Patients can reach Doctors for a Virtual Consultation on our platform using tele-communicative medical devices or their smart devices and receive medical advice, examinations and even treatment in real time.

What is the big picture and vision?
How will our company change the world?

''A Brave New World''

  Medixbot, ​Inc.

Medixbot will change the way drugs are administered, the way doctors follow up on their patients and overall medicare services. Our vision is to be an outstanding pioneer in global efforts by various institutions that want to live in a world where affordable medicare is available for all. We have in our ultimate vision on-site kiosks, smart wearable medical devices, smart chairs for in-patients, and mobile clinics among others. We would like to bring healthcare and make it affordable and available to everyone, everywhere and anytime. We want to be the Google of healthcare.


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